Field Archaeologists' Toolkit

When working in the field, archaeologists have many tools that will help them while excavating. Each archaeologist will build up a collection of tools over the years, some will keep them in a bag, in a roll kit, tucked in pockets of their coats or in a tool box. Here are some of the key tools for using in the field, and what they're used for. 


A trowel is the first tool ever archaeologist will own. A trowel has many uses, they help to cut through layers of soils, and can have different effects on the soil depending on the pressure you use. Trowels are used for following the different contexts, removing soils and helping to shape features. Archaeology trowels are different to trowels used in gardening or plastering - they are smaller and thicker, making them more durable.

As well as the standard archaeology trowel, there are many other types of trowels that can come in handy on site:

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